Articles on the Internet

One of our Facebook group members recently shared a link to a page. My guess is that she did this to initiate a discussion about articles one finds on the internet. The title of the page was “The Fat Burning Kitchen–Foods that Burn Fat, Foods that Make You Fat.” I’m not going to put the link in because I don’t want to drive any more traffic to this scammy-looking page. You’ve all seen these “infomercial” pages that begin immediately with a video and demand that you make sure your speakers are on. Then when you attempt to close the tab or window, you get a popup that makes you verify that you really want to close it. That’s very aggravating! At least this page did not have a video.

First of all, the member was correct that there is “a lot of good information” in the article, as well as a lot of questionable information. However, the reader should note that this article is targeting (a) people over 40 (probably because younger persons are not going to be sucked in by this type of hype) and (b) people who want to lose weight. It is NOT targeting diabetics specifically.

The major thing that stands out to me, though, is that throughout the article the author does not give ANY links to his alleged sources of information, to scientific peer-reviewed studies of any of the claims he makes. Although he drops names of supposed experts and titles of books they have written, you would have to go researching these for yourself if you are really that interested.

Additionally–and this is my personal pet peeve–the narrative of the above page is characterized by a lot of changes in font size and color and bold print and underlining sprinkled throughout which, to me, looks highly unprofessional. (As an aside, this is also characteristic of articles published by conservative right-wing political and religious groups.)

buy-now-flashingThe clincher is that, at the end of the page, the author is unashamedly promoting the selling of his book, claiming it is a $75 value discounted to $40 and further reduced to $10 “IF YOU BUY IT NOW!” (within the next 15 minutes). By the way, if you refresh the page (or close it and re-open it), the timer resets to 15 minutes 6 seconds.

I would strongly recommend that you, as an intelligent and present-truth-seeking Adventist Vegetarian Diabetic, do your own research on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine on the three topics:

1) Wheat
2) Vegetable oils
3) Sugar

And, finally, “prove all things; hold fast that which is good”!

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