Reduce Stress

Today (December 18) is the Fourth Week of Advent, for those who celebrate. Today is also the beginning of Hanukkah, for those who celebrate. Beginning next week, December 25 through January 5, we will post daily on this blog, one post for each of The Twelve Days of Christmas! Goals/Objectives: To lower blood sugar through minimizing … Continue reading Reduce Stress

Stress Control

Both research and experience prove that stress of all kinds can raise your blood sugar! Determine what might cause stress in your life, either good stress or bad stress, and consider ways that you can deal with it. Shabbat, also known as Sabbath, is the day of the week reserved for rest and worship in Judaism … Continue reading Stress Control

Did you find a book on spirituality?

If you haven't found a book yet, take time this week to find one! There are many reasons why reading a spiritual book is beneficial. Here are just a few of them: Simply put, it’s good for your soul. Reading a spiritual book opens your mind in ways you probably didn’t realize it could. It also offers … Continue reading Did you find a book on spirituality?

December is Spiritual Literacy Month

Spiritual Literacy Month in December challenges us to read at least one book on spirituality. This December, we can broaden our minds or deepen our faith by reading a book (or 5) about spirituality, faith, or religion. Today (November 27) begins the First Week of Advent, for those who celebrate. Read more about Spiritual Literacy … Continue reading December is Spiritual Literacy Month