To Be Thinkers and Not Mere Reflectors

Another word about articles: Under the theory that "a diabetic convinced against their will is of the same opinion still," the goal of Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics is not to convince members of something but rather to challenge them to think. If you were raised Adventist, you are undoubtedly familiar with the statement that the goal … Continue reading To Be Thinkers and Not Mere Reflectors

Why Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics?

Recently, a group member asked a question which I re-posted and then decided to blog about so more people would see it. He wrote, "Are you aware of the link between low carb diets and MASSIVE meat consumption, organ meats highly promoted? Vegetarian approach seems rare, leafy greens are the main group on the okay … Continue reading Why Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics?

Health reform does not belong to Adventists

Three days ago I read the most profound article I've come across in a long time. It was written by Dr. Jack Hoehn, a retired Adventist physician, who actually wrote a three-part series, "Adventists in Health Care," published in Adventist Today (see link below).  But one section stood out as resonating so completely with the philosophy … Continue reading Health reform does not belong to Adventists

What Is the Best Diabetes Support Group?

This blog post is excerpted from a recently edited page, Diabetes Support Groups. It reads, in part: Most Facebook diabetes support groups are focused on a specific approach to diabetes management, such as (1) low-carb high-fat moderate-protein, (2) low-carb high-protein moderate-fat, (3) high-carb low-fat vegan, (4) vegetarian, (5) ketogenic, or (6) ADA-compliance. Or they are … Continue reading What Is the Best Diabetes Support Group?

“Vegetarianism and Diabetes” from Adventist World

This past week one of the group members posted, "Did anyone read 'Vegetarianism and Diabetes: What's the Connection?' by Peter N. Landless and Zeno L. Charles-Marcel in the April 2017 issue of Adventist World (NAD Edition) magazine?" The article begins with a question: "Much is written about diabetes and its management. I have family members … Continue reading “Vegetarianism and Diabetes” from Adventist World

Present Truth

Wikipedia defines "present truth" (in Adventist theology) as "a belief in truth as appropriate to any given time." But it is the dietary approach to diabetes management that especially needs application of present truth as I continue to research and sort through the plethora of conflicting ideas. Eden diet? Clean meat? Vegetarian? Vegan? Weimar/NEWSTART® diet? Atkins … Continue reading Present Truth