My Journey to Better Health

“I have struggled with different health issues for many years, including type 2 diabetes; but it got really bad when Tommy and I were on vacation to Las Vegas the last two months of last year. I guess we just didn’t realize how much worse it had gotten.

“I fell again, and this time I cracked a rib and bruised my tail bone. This meant another trip to the ER, this time by ambulance. The ER doctor and my doctor came in to see me and talk to me. They said, ‘You need to go into a nursing home right away.’

“I was in shock! They told me I wasn’t thriving and I had been going downhill for the past eight months. I had become bedridden or in a wheelchair. They told me to plan to go to a rest home. I was very depressed and had completely given up.

“Tommy jumped into action. Within three days, with no finances, he started packing. I just watched. We were on our way to Weimar Institute. It was a six-hour drive to Billings, Montana, then two flights (to Seattle, Washington, and Sacramento, California). I was angry at Tommy, at the situation, and at God. I didn’t want to go or to be there.

“I saw three doctors and nurses from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. then they were on call 24/7. Everyone looked strange to me, and all 21 ‘patients’ were there for different reasons. When we reached our room, the first thing I saw was a hospital bed. That made me even more hostile. But there was no time for that!

“We were up at 5 a.m. with an exercise program at 6. Casandra virtually became my ‘warden’ for the next 19 days. Worship at 7 and breakfast at 8, then a visit with a doctor and nutritionist, lectures, cooking class, recipes, spa time, more lectures, dinner at 2 p.m., rest, walk, and other activities. For me, there was more and more exercise. This went on, ending in a lecture until 8 p.m. We were in bed and exhausted by about 9 p.m. every night.

“The time flew by, and the people were wonderful and very caring. I wasn’t able to walk at all when we got there. On day one, Casandra encouraged me to stand for 8 minutes…and then over an hour, standing/walking (with walker), at the end of 19 days. I walked with my walker from my room, down a long steep ramp into graduation at the end of the program. Wow! What a difference!

“I lost a few inches, including 8 inches on my hips, and over 30 pounds. I have lost ten more pounds since we got home. Wait, it gets even better. I have had no insulin (shots) since September. My numbers are good and very consistent. It is a plant-based diet, and the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program is a great program. I wish that we could have afforded to stay for another three-week session, but we have learned so much and are applying it at home.

“Tommy and I had to make another medical trip to Billings, Montana, as I had to have a new pacemaker put in during October. The procedure went well and we are back home now. I’m a little sore, bruised, and itching (I see the wound specialist this month). Everything is okay, but we had some concerns about being ‘on the road’ and eating properly while we were away
from home.

“Well, I got on the scale Monday morning, and nothing had changed either up or down, so I was pleased. But even better…my blood sugar spiked the day before and the day of surgery, then went back down. Still no insulin. We are sticking to the program, and I am very fortunate that Tommy is a superb cook, and he is having fun trying new recipes. I am the dishwasher.

Patti Seals