A year ago today [October 9, 2015] I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. My A1C (a test measuring my three-month average blood sugars ) was 7.3 (or 162). My fasting blood sugar was 136. My last A1C was 5.5 (or an average of 110) and my fasting blood sugar was 97. My weight was 266 and now is 195. That’s a 71-pound weight loss if anyone’s counting besides me. There is still work to be done but I’m getting there.

I’m aiming for an A1C of under 5 and 29 more pounds of weight loss. I’m eating very low-carb high-fat and I’m fasting. Currently I eat in a 8-hour window 4 days a week and I fast the other three days. This is driving my insulin down and healing my body. I have less pain, less migraines, no intestinal issues, smoother skin, no canker sores and an over abundance of energy. Bonus: I have a completely new (to me) wardrobe.

I didn’t start out eating this way and fasting. But I made gradual changes over time. It’s paid off. My next hurdle is incorporating regular exercise into my daily routine. I’m looking forward to the changes that this next year will bring.

Update [August 19, 2016]: I’m still struggling with my weight and lowering my A1C further. The good news is that I’ve continued to eat keto and my weight and A1C haven’t gone back up. Plus I discovered that I had high inflammation and I’ve greatly reduced it. I’ve come to the conclusion that my issue is hormonal and I need to find the correct macros, food choices, and meal times to complete my journey. I’ve also discovered that stress plays a bigger role in maintaining blood glucose and therefore weight than I originally thought. I’ve incorporated regular long walks into my daily routine. I walk 4-5 miles a day 5-6 days a week. I feel good, full of energy, no more sleep apnea, IBS, or headaches. This has also been a spiritual journey as I’ve learned how to deal with life without turning to my comfort foods. I’ve always felt all my feelings and am emotional, being affected by the feeling state of others. Sweets were a way of raising my mood and I’ve struggled some without them. Adopting this way of eating has been a singular life event that has effected me as profoundly as my getting married or my becoming a mother. I’m looking forward to continued health and self-discovery that eating this way seems to bring.


Denise Arneson