I’m Bill and I became a diabetic just a few months ago. I had some tests done at the hospital for something else. The next day they called me up and said, “Get to the ER now, if you can drive. Can you drive?” I was in a daze, but I did drive myself in and was admitted for a few days. When I arrived, my blood sugar was almost 600 and my A1C was over 14. That was Septemer 28, 2016, when it all began. Long story short, the hospital sent me home on 2000mg of metformin and 55 units of insulin a day. So, on November 1, I started a low- to no-carb intermittent fasting diet and started taking natural diabetic support supplements. The results: I am now off the insulin and down to 500mg metformin a day. I hope to be off the metformin soon also. All together I lost over 50 lbs so far, 10-15 lbs to go. I feel great and couldn’t be happier. Last 7-day average blood sugar levels were 98, and 7- to 30-day average 101 Yahoo!

I am here to share and hope to learn more here about diabetes and how to beat it. Also would love some new recipes. Thanks.